General English

Our tailor-made General English courses help you improve your different language skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing), as well as language components (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation etc.). Depending on your needs and after analyzing the results of the oral and written placement tests we give you, specific courses focusing on all, some, or one of the above-mentioned language skills or components will be designed to fully address your particular language needs.

Business English

Our Business English courses prepare you for different aspects of business such as telephoning, emailing, negotiating, presentations, meetings, sales, purchasing, and marketing. Other than offering specialized courses on one or more of these areas, we also hold comprehensive business English courses, which cover all the consisting areas and skills of business and are taught in different levels from basic to advanced.

Professional English

For those who need to learn the specialized English language used in their occupation, we offer a wide variety of Professional English courses, which cover the specific terminology, texts, and situations in any respective job. These courses range from medical, legal, and financial English to the English used in engineering, IT, aviation, human resources, customer care, media, fashion and so on.

Academic English

We also provide you with expert help for your Academic English needs. Our informed academics can greatly assist you with the writing of your essays and research papers, preparation of your presentations, and the proofreading of your bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD theses. We can also hold seminars on language, linguistics, literature, culture, and TEFL at your institutions.


Our Exam Preparation courses well familiarize you with the format, sections, individual question types, and tips and tricks of any placement or achievement test, as well as any certificate or non-certificate English language exam that you need to take for academic or immigration purposes. All exams from IELTS, TOEFL, TELC, and TOEIC, to FCE, CAE, CPE, and BEC lie within our area of expertise.