Online English courses

Our primary mode of service is virtual or online teaching. If cold winters, hot summers, long distances, or busy schedules make it hard for you to take a step to improve your English, this method finally enables you to learn English from the comfort of your home or office, without compromising the quality and experience of traditional classes at all. This has been made possible by our valuable partnership with the most popular and leading virtual learning software in the market. This platform works for individual as well as group courses of up to 10 participants. It not only closely simulates the conditions of traditional classrooms such as audio-visual contact and use of interactive whiteboard, but also goes further to provide many more possibilities such as file sharing and class recording/review, which are not available in old-school classes. All you need to enjoy the benefits of this modern and convenient method of learning is a computing device (such as desktop, laptop or tablet), and internet connection.

Learning English at home, in the office, or on the way

If you are willing to give this unavoidable future of learning a try, the good news is that we can offer you our services regardless of where in Germany or even in the world you are. You live in Germany, work in Switzerland, and need to travel on business next week to Beijing, and the week after to New York? You need to organize a group course for some of your staff who are in different cities or countries, but need to attend the class all at the same time? You want to have a class at your office during your working hours, or rather stay with your family and have a class from the comfort of your home? No problem! You can have your English class and constant access and exposure to English in all those conditions.

English for companies and private English courses

If you prefer traditional classes with old-school classroom setting, we are also there for you. We can come to your company, office, or place of residence to deliver our services in form of individual or group courses, depending on your needs and available conditions.

English courses in Münster, Steinfurt, Coesfeld, Borken, and Warendorf

Our team of academics are based in and around Münster (NRW) in Germany and could possibly travel a radius of about 70 kilometers (districts of Steinfurt, Coesfeld, Warendorf, and Borken) to reach you for a traditional class. For farther distances, we may also be available, depending on the number of consecutive courses you require.