High-quality and cheap English courses
  • We believe it takes much more than only being a native speaker to be a good teacher. Our instructors are knowledgeable academics, who beside being native speakers, have at least a master’s degree in English language, linguistics, British/American studies, or TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), and are able to make language points crystal clear for you with their coherent and comprehensive explanations.
  • Everyone of our academics has over 10 years of full-time English teaching experience and, therefore, exactly knows what they are doing in the class and why they are doing it.
  • Our instructors have taught long and extensively enough to have expertise in different areas of the English language, and mastery of the substantial body of knowledge and material in this field. Therefore, for each individual or course, we can carefully analyze the needs, set clear objectives, and make use of the best and most recent material by the most prominent publishers such as Oxford, Cambridge, Longman and Macmillan to help you achieve the set targets.
  • Thanks to our valuable partnership with the market-leading online learning platform (with such possibilities as audio-visual contact, interactive whiteboard, file sharing, class recording/review etc.), we can offer you our services regardless of where in Germany or even in the world you are, and you can experience first-class learning to its full extent from the comfort of your home or office. We could also come to your company, office or place of residence within our area if you choose to have a traditional class (please check our modes and areas).
  • In our classes, we use the most modern language teaching method, CLT (Communicative Language Teaching), which focuses on learning by practical communication and interaction. With this method, rather than only passively learning the language, you get to actively use the language.
  • In spite of all the above advantages, our services will cost you %20-30 less than the market norm. This is because our academy is owned and run by its instructors and therefore, costly office staff and intermediary owners have been eliminated. This is also because we have eliminated physical office costs by delivering our services online or at your company, office or place of residence.